Reflect Upon Your Loved One While Visiting Their Headstone

Create a special area next to your loved one's final resting spot to spend time reflecting upon them and the memories that you shared together. The following tips will help you set up a sanctuary that can be enjoyed whenever you are missing the person who meant so much to you.  

Customized Headstone

Hire a company that designs headstones and have a customized picture and inscription carved into your loved one's headstone. Many companies will assist you with choosing a design that will represent your loved one. If you have an idea in mind, bring a picture of the way that you would like the drawing and lettering to look. After the design has been added to the stone, take pictures of it while visiting the cemetery so that you can place them in your photo album to share with other family members.

Clean the stone's surface off while you talk to your loved one and tell them how much you miss them. Make a wreath or other adornments that symbolize your love to hang from the top of the stone.

Lawn Chair And Treasured Possession

Set up a chair that faces the headstone. Sit on the chair while you enjoy the tranquil surroundings and share some thoughts with your loved one. Bring one of your loved one's favorite possessions and hold it as you close your eyes and think about some of your fondest memories with the person who has passed. The calm, quiet atmosphere will help you focus and make the most out of each visit to the cemetery. Since you have a spot to sit, you will be inclined to spend more time visiting your loved one while sharing your innermost feelings.

Potted Flowers And Music

If your loved one enjoyed a specific type of flower, plant seeds in a decorative pot and place it next to the headstone. Care for the flower seeds each time that you visit your loved one. You may find comfort in the fact that an adornment that you have chosen for your loved one is growing and representing life. Bring a portable radio and quietly play some of your loved one's favorite songs each time that you visit the cemetery and care for their flowers so that you feel positively inspired during and after each visit.

All of these tips will help you keep your loved one's memory alive and will help you deal with the feelings that you have experienced since they have passed away.

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