How To Plan The Funeral Of Your Dog Who Has Passed Away

Are you like many families who love their dogs so much that the pet is considered as a part of the actual family? If so, you and the rest of your family must be very sad at the loss of your beloved dog. You may consider using this sad experience to teach your children about death as you plan your dog's funeral. From writing love notes to selecting a gravestone for your dog, here are some ideas that might help you to find closure.

​Gather the Family Together - If ever there is a time for families to join together, when there has been a great loss is often at the top of the list.

  • Call your family together so that you can talk about feelings each of you is experiencing at this time. If anybody cries, reassure him or her, telling that person that tears might help them feel better.
  • At your family meeting, think about giving each person a little card or a piece of notepaper that can be used to write memories of your pet. Tell your children that it's ok to write funny things down.
  • Consider planning a funeral for your dog. Think of friends and extended family members who may want to attend the funeral.

The Actual Funeral - Think of how you would plan the funeral service of a person you care for and mimic that at the funeral service for your dog.

  • Think of involving each person at the funeral. For example, one person could lead in singing songs like You've Got A Friend In Me or Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Another person could say a prayer at the beginning of the service and yet another person could say a closing prayer.
  • Another idea is to ask each person in attendance to give his or her memories of times spent with your dog. If you wrote little notes about the pet, think about having each person read his or her own note.
  • Select a gravestone for the resting place of your pet. One idea is to select a gravestone that has a picture of your dog on it. Write your dog's name and write something that identifies him or her. Words like Loyal Friend, You Will Never Be Forgotten and Devoted Buddy are all appropriate expressions to include on the gravestone.

Tell your children that one way they can remember your dog is by visiting his or her final resting place. If you have decided to select a gravestone for your pet, it will more than likely be a reminder of times spent together. For more information about gravestones, contact a service like Palmer Bros Granite Co.

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