How Reiki Healing Aids The Body's Own Healing Process

The human body is designed to withstand illness and injury. It has its own mechanisms to heal both physical and emotional pain. Sometimes, those systems can become "off," due to the various stressors of life. In this case, Reiki healing is a very effective tool for restoring the body's natural inclination to heal itself. 

The Role of Energy

Reiki healing focuses on using energy to invigorate the body and bring natural harmony. The therapist sends energy to certain parts of the body that are experiencing blockages of energy. It is a hands-off, gentle therapy that can deliver powerful results. 

The Role of Chakras

Reiki healing centers on the idea that the chakras control the energy of the body. Each chakra has its own responsibility; one may be responsible for stimulating the digestive system, while one controls the health of the mind. Chakras can become unbalanced when your body is stressed when you neglect a certain part of your health, or when you are ill. As you can see, then, being ill is something that throws off the energy of your chakras, and when your chakras aren't working well, they aren't contributing to improving your health. 

A Reiki healing specialist understands the connection of each chakra to different parts of mental and emotional health. They can offer energy that stimulates the appropriate chakras in a positive way. Positive energy creates a force that is transferable. Some reiki specialists may also direct healing energy to the specific part of the body that is ailing. 

The Role of Medicine

No one is suggesting that you don't seek out medical treatment for your ailments. However, most medicine is most effective when it is aided by a fully functioning healing system. Reiki healing is a great complementary tool to help your body do its part in your healing. When your immune system is kicking in swiftly, and your body is controlling inflammation, and your glands are producing the right hormones to help you heal more quickly, that is a win-win situation. Medicine will do its bit, but your body will also do what it can to protect you. 

The Role of Lifestyle 

Chakra balancing isn't a one-time event; chakras may be thrown off by any number of factors. Consult a company like Susan Cutter Healing Arts about how to live a balanced lifestyle with a nourishing diet and enriching activities. Learn some energy exercises that you can do at home to promote your health. 

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