Basic Palm Reading For Beginners

Palm reading is an intricate art. Experts can look at the lines on your hand, and based on their location and the way they bend and intersect, they can tell you a lot about yourself and your life. However, you don't have to be an expert palm reader to deduce something from your palm's appearance. Here are some simple reading guidelines you can use as a total beginner.

Start with the head line

The head line is the deep, middle crease that runs from the inside of your wrist towards the soft part of your hand just above your thumb. This line's qualities tend to show how you go about thinking and problem solving. A short head line means that you tend to make decisions quickly. You know what you want, and you go for it. A long head line means you tend to think things through carefully and perhaps a little too much before taking action. If your head line splits, that means you change your opinion a lot and allow your opinion to be swayed by others.

Read the heart line

Above the head line lies the heart line. It runs in the same direction as the head line and is said to tell about your feelings and emotions. If it is short, you seek freedom and tend to hide your feelings. If it is long, you are someone who always considers others' feelings before your own. It the line curves, you are emotionally driven by your own passions, and if the line splits into two, you tend to neglect your own needs in your effort to satisfy others' needs.

Read the life line

Always read the life line last, as it will give you valuable insight into how you should improve yourself. This is the lowest line that runs from your wrist to thumb; it sits below the head line. If the life line is curved, people are relying on you, and it's important for you to step up for them so that one day they can do the same for you. If the line is short, that means you need to stay busy in order to avoid letting emotions get the best of you. And if the line is really faint, that means you should focus more on relaxation as you are probably stressed out easily.

For more advice, visit a local palm reader like Psychic Elaine Palmer. There are even more lines they can examine to tell you about yourself!

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