3 Tips For Growing Your Christian Faith Through Research, Exploration, And Application

The philosophy that simply states "knowledge is power" has evolved a lot over the years because now, many people will correct you and assert that applied knowledge is power. If you are not actually using the knowledge, then it will lie dormant and won't yield any fruit.

The same applies when it comes to the type of faith that you follow. If you are someone that believes in Christianity, you shouldn't be satisfied just stopping at basic beliefs. Instead, deeply explore the type of Christianity you want to follow and research it to the fullest. Here's what you need to know.

1. Explore what kind of Christianity resonates with you

Any given Sunday, there many different kinds of churches open. A lot of religion is cultural, and people have different beliefs about the same religion. Start thinking about what matters of Christianity are most important to you in your life. You might prefer the psychological leanings of someone like Neville Goddard or the traditional southern feel of a smaller Baptist church. You might like the feeling of prosperity and progressiveness that you get at a megachurch, or you may just want to explore your own beliefs without finding a church home at all.

The great part is that there is no right answer! Explore what resonates with you and keep growing that faith.

2. Build your library as you build your faith

Part of the way that you can build your faith is by building your library. Develop a hunger for reading about your religion, not just in the Bible itself but with spiritual commentators and scholars that challenge your thinking and shake you out of your paradigms. You should be experiencing several paradigm shifts as you grow your faith, especially if you are really diving deep into a Christian resource library.

3. Don't forget about the core tenets as you learn

No matter how scholarly you get with your Christianity, never forget the simple, universal truths that it is built on. If you are studying hard but forgetting to love your neighbor, you are missing the point entirely. This is a spiritual path that should bring you closer to people and yourself as much as it brings you closer to God, so don't lose sight of the purpose as you grow your knowledge.

You can get some more knowledge from a Christian resource library such as the Burnell Foundation.

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